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This competition is aimed at providing undergraduate students the learning opportunities to experiment on inclusive, responsible change through business. 

The competition is designed as a mini-accelerator for cross-border social ventures, whose members are drawn from Hitotsubashi University, Peking University, and Seoul National University 

Learning Goals

The key feature of this competition is to provide a platform for students in East Asia 

to help provide opportunities to re-define social problems in this region and to develop 

a sustainable solution to problems that the current market fails to solve. While working 

towards finding solutions to these common problems, the students would form 

solidarity and renewed commitment towards social problems in the region.

The Structure of Competition

˙Three learning teams whose members are evenly represented from China, Japan, and 

     Korea will develop a viable business solution to their chosen problem within 15 weeks.

˙ Mentors are assigned to each team by providing mentoring and coaching activities

˙ The distinctive feature of this program is that all collaboration is made via an online

     platform in a way that the virtual, non-hierarchical teams develop a viable solution 

     to ill-defined problems.


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Wonyoung Kim I 김원영

Wonyoung is a founding member at Crevisse Partners since 2006 and he is an executive director managing impact investing of early-stage and later-stage startups. With his years of expertise in company building, business development, IT services, and corporate operations, he focuses on deal-sourcing, value-up, and portfolio management of impact fund. He manages a team that runs impact acceleration program called Remake City and works with different financing structures such as equity fund, government grant fund, ODA grant fund, and social financing loans.

Young Park I 박영은

Before Root Impact, Young supported to build the Korean startup ecosystem at the Asan Nanum Foundation (MARU180) and the Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs (D.Camp) since 2013. Before starting her career in the non-profit / startup sector, Young had worked at Bain & Company and Korea Telecom. She also taught entrepreneurship at the SolBridge International School of Business as a professor and currently works at Root Impact Learn team. Young is a graduate of the New York University Stern School of Business, where she earned an MBA. She graduated from Seoul National University with a BA of sociology and Aesthetics (art philosophy). 

Timothy Hyun-Myung Do I 도현명

Hyun-myung received bachelor's and master's degrees from Seoul National University. After getting work experience at Naver, he founded Impact Square, a social venture accelerator in Korea. So far, about 120 social ventures have participated in the accelerating program. And Impact Square has invested in more than 20 organizations. In addition, he is an expert in social value measurement and CSV(creating shared value strategy)

Nam Hee Youn I 윤남희

Nam-Hee received bachelor's degree of sociology from Seoul National University and master's degree  of sociology and climate change from University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. She participated in the reasearch about climate change and microfinance at the BRAC, which is the largest microfinance firm in Bangladesh. Now she ressearch about social ecosystem, NGO, and social value measurement in Impact Square

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