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20 August~20 November, 2020 

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Social Ventures on Network provides learning opportunities for East Asian students to experiment on inclusive and responsible social change through business.


Campus Asia is a trilateral education cooperation of China, Japan and South Korea. Governments of these three nations have agreed to foster trilateral cooperation and regional integration by enhancing common intimacy in the sphere of education. The three nations are investing in overcoming misconception and misunderstanding among the civil by academic cooperation and student exchanges.

Campus Asia, much like the Erasmus Programme in Europe, was launched in 2011 to encourage exchanges among university students of the three countries and to cultivate Northeast Asian specialists. Moreover, the Trilateral Education Ministers’ Meeting was established in 2016 to further strengthen and institutionalize trilateral cooperation on education.

You can find more information about Campus Asia and Trilateral Cooperations among China, Japan and South Korea in the following website:

Key Features

Social Ventures on Network is an unprecedented platform for students in East Asia to redefine transnational common regional issues and to develop sustainable solutions that current market hasn’t yet solved.

Participating Universities


                                Hitotsubashi University Business School,

                                School of International Corporate Strategy

  • The Global Knowledge Hub in Tokyo: Achieving the ‘Best of Two Worlds’ by acting as a bridge linking Japan to Asia and the globe, and as an international center of excellence for the creation, management and dissemination of knowledge.



                                Peking University,

                                Guanghua School of Management


  • Guanghua is a diverse and dynamic place: Here, China embraces the world; the East meets the West; and the past leads to the future. We take pride in our culture and invite you to explore Guanghua.


                                Seoul National University Business School

  • SNU Business School strives to pursue the intrinsic values of a university: A world-class business education institution to develop creative and socially responsible global leaders.



Participating Students


Peking University,

Guanghua School of Management

Huanyu Zhang.jpg
Kayi Tang.jpg

Huanyu Zhang

A wondering guy in the ascending world

Kayi Tang

A smiley pacifist and idealist

Shaoyi Li.jpg

Shaoyi Li

A realistic idealist, always seeking for value and love

Yixuan Tian.png

Yixuan Tian

A confident and determined girl who deeply loves life and is willing to solve problems in the society

Shuhui Yang.jpg
Zishu Xu.jpg

Shuhui Yang

A conscientious girl who always

pursues self-improvement

Zishu Xu

Curious and warm-hearted, wanting to explore the unknown to improve myself and better help others


Seoul National University Business School


Bohyun Song

Born in Korea and raised in China, Bohyun is passionate about slow fashion and low-waste living. She has been trying to demystify Korea’s youth housing policy through her work in the youth-run nonprofit TongGam. Bohyun is excited to explore the intersection of social issues and entrepreneurship through SVN.

Chaeun Lim

A dreamer aiming to become a challenger for change


Hyojae Shin

Driven by tremendous passion and compassion. Hyojae thrives on challenge, constantly sets goals for herself and always looks for an opportunity to contribute to the community she is involved in.


Gayoung Lee

To where my destiny leads, with a dream and pearl of laughters

재료공학부 임규은-01.jpg

Seungyeop Lee

An easy-going person eager to get to know the members of the SVN

Gyueun Lim

Knock, and the door will be opened to you


                                Hitotsubashi University Business School,

                                School of International Corporate Strategy

Selma Overtqvist.jpg

Nana Hong

Always open to various thoughts and opinions

Selma Oertqvist

A positive and passionate girl who dreams of starting her own social business in the future


Natawadee Chowanajin

Thai economics student who has hoped that the world would be better

Yuxi Dai photo.jpg

Dai Yuxi

Challenge more, enjoy more

Kotaro Nagai

Kotaro Nagai

a junior at Hitotsubashi University, majoring in commerce.


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박영은Young Park 

Before Root Impact, Young supported to build the Korean startup ecosystem at the Asan Nanum Foundation (MARU180) and the Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs (D.Camp) since 2013. Before starting her career in the non-profit / startup sector, Young had worked at Bain & Company and Korea Telecom. She also taught entrepreneurship at the SolBridge International School of Business as a professor and currently works at Root Impact Learn team. Young is a graduate of the New York University Stern School of Business, where she earned an MBA. She graduated from Seoul National University with a BA of sociology and Aesthetics (art philosophy).  


김원영 | Wonyoung Kim

Wonyoung is a founding member at Crevisse Partners since 2006 and he is an executive director managing impact investing of early-stage and later-stage startups. With his years of expertise in company building, business development, IT services, and corporate operations, he focuses on deal-sourcing, value-up, and portfolio management of impact fund. He manages a team that runs impact acceleration program called Remake City and works with different financing structures such as equity fund, government grant fund, ODA grant fund, and social financing loans.

Photo_Timothy Do.jpg

도현명 | Timothy Do

Hyun-myung received bachelor's and master's degrees from Seoul National University. After getting work experience at Naver, he founded Impact Square, a social venture accelerator in Korea. So far, about 120 social ventures have participated in the accelerating program. Additionally, Impact Square has invested in more than 20 organizations. Hyun-myung is an expert in social value measurement and CSV (creating shared value strategy).

윤남희 | Namhee Yoon

Namhee majored in Social Welfare at Seoul National University, received her Master of Social Work degree from University of Pennsylvania and MA in Climate and Society from Columbia University. She participated in research on microfinance and climate change at BRAC, the largest microfinance business NGO in Bangladesh. She is currently conducting research on the mechanism of creating of social value in relation to social ecosystem, non-profit and government projects at Impact Square. She also practices measurement and evaluation of social value.

Ocean Telescope.jpg

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August 20

Opening Ceremony

August 21~ November 19

Social Entrepreneurship Implementation


Each team, composed of 6 students coming from universities in three different countries, learns and grows by transnational cooperation in the sector of social entrepreneurship.


Weekly interactions with venture and entrepreneurship professionals are expected to maximize students’ intercultural and practical understanding on social ventures.  

November 20

Closing and Awards Ceremony


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